Dental Toys

The Treasure Tower has 8 separate canisters with each containing a separate toy option. All toys are safety tested and compliant with CPSC safety standards. As a child decides on the toy they want, they insert their token into the corresponding coin mechanism, turn the handle, and out will come the toy of their choosing! Half the fun is the “event” of earning a token and getting to shop for a reward at the Treasure Tower! The other half is actually receiving the toy they desire!

While toy options may vary slightly, each Treasure Tower Rewards Representative will always have a large variety of toys from which to choose. The Rewards Representative will regularly rotate the toys to keep the selections fun and exciting. With 8 different options, children of all ages will be sure to find one or more toys they want.

Below is a small sampling of the toy options available for use with the Treasure Tower Rewards Program. Please check with the Rewards Representative in your area for a complete list of the toys they offer.