Read What These Schools Are Saying About the Treasure Tower Reward Program…


“The Treasure Tower has been a very nice change for our students.  They love it.  In the past our school purchased prizes and incentives from varous vendors.  It was a constant challenge to get prizes that the students liked, at reasonable prices.  If we bought something the students didn’t like, we were stuck with them forever.  With the addition of the Treasure Tower, we simply hand out the tokens to the teachers in advance.  Teachers tell me that they love the new system. . .  The students are working harder than ever . . .  They love the prizes from the Treasure Tower.  The office loves the new program because they do not use their precious time to purchase, stock, and distribute the rewards to the students.  We are actually spending less money this year on student incentives than in past years.  It is a great program.”
– Ernie Broderick, Principal – Magna Elementary School


“The Treasure Tower has been a great addition to our school.  We have seen an improvement in test scores, behavior and good deeds around our school.  We would highly recommend the Treasure Tower to other schools.”
 – Heidi Sullivan, Secretary – Green Acres Elementary


I love the opportunity of personally congratulating students on their successes.  They (teachers) enjoy having a way to reward students immediately and students love the tokens and the tower.  This has become so popular with students that we may need to refill (the) Tower more frequently.”
– Donna Varnado, Principal  –  Big Sandy Elementary


“At Stockbridge Elementary School, we use the Treasure Tower to reinforce appropriate behavior in the lunchroom.  The Treasure Tower fits very well with our “Positive Schools” initiative which emphasizes positive rewards.  Students enjoy using the Treasure Tower because it is a different type of reward than we have been able to offer before.”
– Bill Silvey, Principal – Stockbridge Elementary School


“The students love being able to visit the media center to get their tokens for the Treasure Tower.  Our school uses the Treasure Tower for AR incentives and it has helped our students get excited about reading.  It’s a low maintenance incentive program and easy for the kids to use.”
– Jennifer Gay, Media Specialist –  Loganville Primary


“The Treasure Tower is being successfully used at Bolton Academy.  It is an excellent reward system and the kids love it!”
– Dr. Angela Bolin, Counselor –  Bolton Academy


 “The Treasure Tower is fun and exciting.  I have found it a good booster for the kids to be good citizens and good readers.  It is a great motivator and has fit in well at East Fayette Elementary.  I love it!!!”
– Louis Robinson, Principal – East Fayette Elementary


“I think it’s wonderful.  My kids are reading, reading – anything for a token.  I am seeing great results, even EIP kids are on the roll with their sight words.”
– Karen Keuter, 4th Grade Teacher  – Youth Elementary


“My students earned an additional 100 points in Accelerated Reader when they earned a token for moving up an AR Level.  Almost HALF of my students earned a token in one week!”
– Ms. Ge-Anne Bowdoin, 5th Grade Teacher, Youth Elementary


 “It provides an incentive to control noise and poor behavior choices.  Not dealing with food items is a plus.”
– Joyce W. Sloan, Principal  – Gilmer Elementary