What is a Treasure Tower® and what makes it unique?

The Treasure Tower is much more than just an alternative way to give a child a toy following their appointment. The Treasure Tower is a reward/incentive program which motivates young patients to behave better and be less fearful during their medical visit. Children find the courage to be more cooperative so as to “earn” their Super Patient token(s) to take to the Treasure Tower. Ultimately, the reward isn’t as much about the toy as it is about earning their token(s) and the “event” of going shopping at the Treasure Tower. Parents and staff alike rave about the numerous benefits of the Treasure Tower vs. the problematic toy box.

Treasure Tower Reward / Incentive Program
  • Saves time & money
  • No more supervising children
  • Maintenance & trouble free
  • Toys remain untouched and sanitary
  • Helps streamline office visits
  • Promotes customer referrals
  • Children are more cooperative
  • Encourages good behavior
  • Creates a fun, friendly atmosphere
  • Alleviates patient anxiety
  • Limits patient to 1 toy per token
  • Quarters can be used by siblings
  • Patient reward cost is fixed
  • Controlled, organized & attractive
  • No more ordering toys
  • More fun for patients & staff
  • Tokens & toys CPSC compliant
  • No waste from broken/unwanted toys
  • Good marketing tool to attract new patients
Problematic Toy Box Method
  • Toys get dirty and covered with germs
  • Creates bottleneck slowing patient flow
  • Doesn’t improve cooperation or behavior
  • Toy is expected rather than “earned”
  • Toy box is cumbersome
  • Creates a mess and is unattractive
  • Staff time wasted ordering toys
  • Costly due to multiple toys taken by child
  • Staff time wasted supervising child at box
  • Office liable for being CPSC compliant
  • Toy inventory uses valuable space
  • Added costs from shipping expenses
  • Waste from broken/unwanted toys


What is the cost of the Treasure Tower and the toys?

For only $60 per month, you will receive up to 200 “Super Patient Award” tokens, free use of the Treasure Tower, free toys, and free ongoing service from your local Rewards Representative. Additional tokens may be purchased for 30 cents each.


How long am I obligated to keep the Treasure Tower?

There are no contracts.  You reward the tokens – we take care of all the rest.  The Treasure Tower will remain at a location as long as it is agreeable to both the office and the Treasure Tower Rewards Representative. The agreement may be terminated by either party at any time.


What age group is the Treasure Tower designed for?

We have a large selection of toys and collectibles that appeal to children ages 3 to 99. We also offer the option of cavity reducing gum and mints containing Xylitol which are great choices for rewarding patients of all ages.


Are there options for rewarding children under three years of age?

Since the Treasure Tower is specifically designed for children 3 and older, we offer a selection of larger toys that are fun and safe for children under 3. These larger toys are sold to the office as an assortment of 24 for $12.00 and are handed to toddler individually rather than through the Treasure Tower.

Do we get to choose the toys in our Treasure Tower?

Yes.  We provide you with a list of toys appealing to children of all ages.  You choose eight items to start and at each service visit we exchange one or two toys to keep the selection fun and exciting.

Do kids prefer the Treasure Tower over a box of toys?

Yes.  There is something magical to children about earning a “Super Patient Award” token and getting to “shop” for the prize they want at the Treasure Tower.  The “event” of going to the Treasure Tower is half the fun and is enjoyed as much as the toy they receive.

What are the available colors of the Treasure Tower?

The Treasure Tower comes in Yellow, Red, Copper and Charcoal.


Who do I contact for more information?

Go to www.TreasureTowerRewards.com or call 801-254-6006 to find a consultant in your area.