1. How can the Treasure Tower Reward Program be used in our school?

    This positive behavior support program is designed to be used school-wide with the Treasure Tower located in the main office or media center.  In the classroom, teachers continue to use a tracking system they prefer (points, stickers, stamps, etc.). Once an achievement level is reached, students are awarded a “Super Student” token to take to the Treasure Tower rather than choosing a toy or candy from the teacher’s prize box or drawer.Outside the classroom, the entire school staff (principal, counselors, lunchroom monitors, etc.) can reward students with “school dollars.” When five or ten “school dollars” are earned, a student can exchange them for a “Super Student” token in the office to redeem at the Treasure Tower. As a result, students are motivated and recognized not only in the classroom but throughout the entire school for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to:  academic achievement, positive behavior, attendance, lunchroom etiquette, cleanliness, math and reading programs, fundraising, birthday prizes and acts of kindness. Since the toy selection is constantly changing, this program will never grow old but will continue to motivate students K-6 year after year.

    The reward is threefold: (1) the positive recognition and praise received when the student is awarded their token; (2) the fun “event” of redeeming their token at the Treasure Tower and being praised by the office staff; and (3) the fun toy they receive in the end can be something to enjoy and show family and friends, acting as an ongoing reminder of their accomplishment.

  2. What does it cost to have a Treasure Tower® placed in our school?

    The Treasure Tower and toys are free! A local Treasure Tower Representative will install the toy-filled Treasure Tower and will regularly service it and keep the toys stocked and rotated – also for free!  Your only cost is just $60 per month ($720 per year) with a monthly allotment of up to 200 “Super Student” tokens per month.  Tokens are packaged 40 per roll for $12 per roll. Tokens can be ordered at each service visit with a minimum purchase of 15 rolls for $180. Since the Treasure Tower will only dispense one toy per token, there is no longer the worry of children taking more than one reward from a box or drawer. If funding is a concern, the achievement requirements or “school dollars” needed to redeem for a token can easily be increased. Also, ask about our parent/community sponsorship program and how it can help fund the Treasure Tower Reward Program in your school.

  3. Is there a minimum amount of tokens our school must use each month?

    For $60 per month, your school receives free use of the Treasure Tower, free toys, free ongoing maintenance and repairs with a monthly allotment of up to 200 tokens.  Your school can award as many tokens as they wish.  If less than 200 tokens are awarded in a month, the cost is still $60.  If more than 200 tokens are needed, additional tokens may be purchase at 30 cents each or $12 per roll of 40 tokens.

  4. How often will our school be serviced?

    The Treasure Tower holds a total of 900 toys.  Service visits vary depending on the volume of usage.  Simply call your consultant if toy or token levels get low and they will arrange a service date within 48 hours.

  5. How is the Treasure Tower Reward program different from other programs?

    Teachers will no longer need to spend so much time, effort, and expense ordering or shopping for rewards for their individual classrooms. Teachers and school personnel can still determine their own requirements for awarding tokens but they won’t have to police a toy box or drawer and students won’t be using classroom time choosing rewards.  School stores can be eliminated, saving the school a lot of time and expense. The problem of candy and food rewards is also eliminated as the Treasure Tower only dispenses toys. With concerns about MRSA, H1N1 and infection control, the Treasure Tower is sure to keep toys organized, clean and sanitary and children won’t spread germs while rummaging through a box or drawer!

  6. How long am I obligated to keep the Treasure Tower?

    There are no contracts.  You award the tokens – we take care of all the rest.  The Treasure Tower will remain in the school as long as it is satisfactory to both parties.  Either party may terminate the agreement at any time.

  7. Do we get to choose the toys in our Treasure Tower?

    Yes!  You will be provided with a large list of toys to choose from.  We have carefully selected toys, puzzles, jewelry, collectibles and bouncy balls appealing to children between the ages of 3 and 17.  With 8 different selections in the Treasure Tower, everyone can choose something they like.  Your Treasure Tower Representative will continue to add new toys and rotate the selections in the Treasure Tower so as to keep the choices fun and exciting!

  8. Do kids prefer the Treasure Tower over a box or drawer of toys?

    Yes!  There is something magical to children about earning a “Super Student” token and getting to “shop” for the prize they want at the Treasure Tower.  A child’s desire to earn a token is so great it enables them to find the inner courage and ability to achieve things they otherwise might think are too difficult.  It’s a great motivator and a positive behavior support that produces amazing results!

  9. Who do I contact for more information?

    Go to www.TreasureTowerRewards.com and fill out the contact us section or call us at 1-801-254-6006 and we will be happy to answer any additional questions.