How Does The Treasure Tower Rewards Programs Work?

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Here at Treasure Tower Rewards Canada, we’re the premier rewards program throughout all of Canada that encourages children to show good behavior.

When it comes to your business, if you work with children, you probably know how difficult it can be to get some kids to behave. Whether you’re cutting their hair or trying to encourage them to turn in homework, there are some kids who simply don’t respond to polite requests. That’s okay, because the Treasure Tower Rewards Program is here to save the day!

What is the Treasure Tower Rewards Program?

Treasure Towers are unique toy machines that utilize tokens or quarters in order to provide a reward for children who show good behavior or listen appropriately to adults. A Treasure Tower contains four to eight unique canisters in just 18 inches of space so that when provided a token, kids can go pick out a unique prize.

How can this be applied to different industries?

If you’re a family or pediatric dentist, you’re sure to have had many difficult patients. While kids aren’t necessarily predisposed to being afraid of a dentist, dental work is often something they don’t understand or something they find uncomfortable. Around age two to age three, children start to understand when you tell them, “If you pay attention to the dentist and open wide, then you’ll get a token for a toy.” This cognitive understanding of if they do something, then they’ll get a reward, can help encourage positive behaviors in difficult situations.

Dental offices are a great example of where a Treasure Tower could be used, and so are medical offices. Have you ever had to deal with a child that screams bloody murder whenever they come in for vaccines? If you are a pediatrician or family practitioner and you have a young patient coming in for shots, start the appointment by saying, “If you’re brave and strong, you’ll earn a token to go pick out a toy from the Treasure Tower.” This sets the expectation that the child needs to behave to earn their prize.

Outside of the medical field, there are plenty of other industries that can benefit from a Treasure Tower Rewards Program, schools included. If you’re a teacher, and you ever struggle to get kids to bring in their homework, a Treasure Tower can help improve a child’s drive. A teacher can set a goal of turning in homework for two weeks straight and then reward with a token as the child earns the toy. Whether the school has a bit of extra budget to invest in a Treasure Tower or the PTA decides to add it to the schools “wants” list, a Treasure Tower can be a great way to encourage kids to listen to teaches and treat each other well at school. Anytime a teacher or administrative member sees a child do something nice, they can reward them with a token.

There are so many ways in which a Treasure Tower can be used to encourage and bolster kids in many different situations.